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Only 20 minutes from Sotogrande

Estepona has enjoyed a truly privileged position on the western Costa del Sol for thousands of years. It has managed to resist the flood of developers that have spoilt the other "quaint" fishing towns along the coast.

However things are changing fast and it is rapidly becoming the centre of the new "golden mile" although future development is carefully planned to ensure the preservation of the town's identity.

The Town is steeped in history and culture, one particular Love Story is documented in the Town Hall and also in an Inn in  England.... it tells of an English Sailor who was found by a young girl injured after a sea battle during the Peninsula Wars..... returning to England together they started an Inn in the Midlands, near Kinver and it is said that the girl was never happy and longed for Estepona.

The locals took pity on her and named the Inn after her home town but not being able to pronounce it properly it became known as "The Stewponey Inn"...... and it's still there between Kidderminster and Wolverhampton.

Up-date 10/08/2003  The old pub was recently demolished for a new housing estate but the area is still fondly known as Stewpony

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